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We provide free towing and fast pick up, and come pick up time we’ll be ready with payment in hand and haul your vehicle away! Auto wreckers near you!

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Don’t settle for less than top dollar when selling a junk car – let Car Gambit help you get paid what its really worth!

Car Gambit makes it easy to sell your car online or over the phone.

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You can either get a quote through our online quote calculator or over the phone. We pay cash for junk cars.

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How It Works

Tell us about your Vehicle

Tell us a little information about your vehicle and where it’s located. In most cases our website will generate an instant offer within seconds. If you choose to accept our offer, one of our buyers in your area will reach out to schedule pickup. Cash for junk cars is easy!

Get an Instant Quote Cash Offer

We keep it simple when it comes to selling any kind of used car, truck, or van. We can get you started with your own quote in a matter of minutes. Go online for an instant quote through our online quote calculator. Give our office line a call if your prefer and we will guide you through the selling process. It takes only minutes to receive a no-obligation offer and get cash for junk cars the right way.

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Schedule Pickup & Get Cash

Once our offer is accepted one of our local carriers will reach out to you to schedule the pickup. While we can not and do not guarantee any specific time frame for pickup. The vast majority of our vehicles are picked up within 1 to 3 business days of finalizing. Get cash for junk cars now!

Get Paid Cash For Junk Cars

On pick-up day our driver will give you a call prior to arrival to remind you of the pick-up. When the tower arrives they will do a quick inspection of the vehicle. Just verify that the information given to us regarding the condition was accurate. We will hand you your payment, either in cash or check, in exchange for your junk car. It really is that simple to get paid for your old clunker! Just like that, your vehicle will be hauled away by our team of friendly, reliable, and professional drivers. Towing is included free of charge, so don’t worry about having to arrange a junk car removal yourself.

At Car Gambit we know selling your car can be stressful endeavor. So we’ve set out to make the process as easy and straightforward as possible. Our goal is to solve all the biggest problems people face when trying to sell their used or junk cars. Private parties on Internet classifieds sites like Autotrader or Craigslist.

No more no-shows, tire-kickers, or potentially dangerous encounters while trying to sell your junk car. Our local junk car buyers are always friendly, reliable, and professional.

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Junk Car Removal – Cash For Junk Cars

Selling junk cars for cash is simple with Car Gambit, no matter where you are located. We purchase cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans in almost any condition. Skip the headache of haggling with unreliable buyers whose prices change when they arrive at your vehicle. Car Gambit will provide you with a guaranteed offer so you get paid on the spot.

Get an instant offer for your vehicle in minutes when you use our online quote calculator. Give our office line a call to get started.


When you sell your vehicle through us you will get an offer instantly, have your vehicle towed free of charge. Get paid on the spot. We make offers on all kinds of cars looking to be junked every day no matter where you are located. We will make sure the entire transaction goes as smoothly as possible every step of the way.

At Car Gambit, we try to buy any kind of car in all different conditions. Our large network of buyers makes it easy to make top dollar offers on cars in any location. Running or not. If you’re junking a car, we pay cash for salvage cars.

Can I get free junk car removal near me?

Junkyards near you will typically charge a fee to tow your vehicle from wherever your vehicle is located. This is a tactic our competitors will try to use in order to get every last dollar out of you. Junkyards or scrap yards offer customers inflated quotes only to lower the payout at the time of pick up.

Thankfully there is a solution to “can I get free junk car removal near me and cash for junk cars?”, and the answer is by selling with Car Gambit! We pay top dollar, cash for junk cars in most states.

If you have a Salvage car or scrap car. Sell your wrecked vehicle to us!

We will never charge you any fees, and we will handle the free junk car removal near you. On top of that, we only provide guaranteed offers after getting all of the information about your car. You can be sure that it won’t change. You have been searching for “junk car towing near me” or “free junk car removal near me”. Then it’s time you get a quote from Car Gambit.


Millions of vehicles are junked every year, yet finding the right buyer can be a frustrating process. We want to change that, and make junking a vehicle online as smooth as possible. We are #1 cash for junk cars. If you need cash today, Give us a call!

The search for “junk car towing near me” is over. Car Gambit will provide free junk car removal for whatever kind of vehicle you’re looking to sell!

Why choose Car Gambit to Help Get Rid of Your Junk Car?


If your car is badly damaged from an accident. Needs repairs but not worth the time and effort. It has just been left out in the sun for months. Whatever your reason for selling we want to help you get the most for your salvage car. Don’t worry we’ll tow it away despite the condition.

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How Much Money Can I Get For My Junk Car?

The value of your vehicle will depend on many different factors. For one, the location of the vehicle can have a huge impact on the value of a salvage car. Depending on where your vehicle is located, if you’re looking to have the car junked it can have an impact on how valuable it is due to the local areas’ scrap metal prices.

Today’s average value for scrap metal is higher than ever, making the average value of junk cars higher than ever as a result of how much it weighs. However, it is important to consider that your vehicle may be more valuable than its worth in weight.

Easy Junk Car Removal With Car Gambit

Each kind of car will have a different market for parts with varying resale values. If your car has any useable parts it Selling a car for parts can be an extremely time-consuming process, but the number of reusable parts can be considered in determining the overall value of the car for sale.

Around 12 million cars are recycled in the US every single year, making up a huge part of the recycled steel industry. Get cash for junk cars today!

The usable parts found in recycled cars are also astonishing, such as around 98-99% of all car batteries being recyclable.

Junkers that have been abandoned can contribute hazardous waste to the environment if not disposed of properly, especially with all of the different fluids found in automobiles.

Selling a junk car to an environmentally conscious business like Car Gambit is the easy choice if it has surpassed its useful life and hasn’t moved in months. Get cash for junk cars today!

What Information Do You Need About My Car?

When requesting a quote from Car Gambit, if all stated conditions of the car check out at the time of pickup, our driver will hand over your payment. Get cash for junk cars today!

Some of the things you can expect to be asked about regarding your automobile:

  • Runs & drives?
  • Any body damage?
  • Any damaged or missing parts?
  • Mileage?
  • Title? (Clean, Salvage, or No Title)
  • If not, do you have the registration?

Who Will Buy Junk Cars Near Me For Cash?

There’s a reason Cash Cars Buyer is a quality top junk car buyer across America. We do it differently than normal car junkers.  We offer free junk car removal to take that hassle from your life. After providing a few details about your junk car, our trained junk car specialists will come to your home or work to make your selling experience easier.

Our friendly staff will go the extra mile to make you feel at home while you sell your junk car. We’re simple, convenient, and you have no obligation to accept our cash offer. Ther’s nothing to lose by curiously checking our offer. No strings attached. We can buy junk cars for top dollar near you and take out the hassle to give you the experience you deserve.

The Best Cash For Cars

Looking for a place that offers cash for cars? We’re here to help! Other methods of selling your used vehicle can take weeks, and in many cases, you end up losing money on your investment. Trying to get cash for junk cars is a stressful task. Share with us some quick details get a great offer in under a minute with our online tool! We give serious cash for junk cars with Cash Cars Buyer. Our great offers almost always beat the other junk car buyers. Selling junk cars for cash will never be the same again.

Who Buys Used Cars Near Me?

Have you ever searched “who buys used cars for cash”? Are you getting annoyed by junk car places and their lowballing? Your junk car has untapped potential you’re not looking at! Don’t wait months trying to sell you junk car and let let that cash go to waste. Here at Cash Cars Buyer, our code is your convenience. We will offer you simplicity to take the headache from selling your used car away. Who buys used cars running or not? Cash Cars Buyer does! Our transparent offers help you sell you car fast!

Who buys used cars for cash? We’ll fully commit to buy any junk car and make you enjoy it selling it! Our kind professionals and expert junk car removal specialists will help you turn the cash waiting in your driveway into cash in your pocket. Who buys used cars? Cash Cars Buyer does! Don’t let a dealership or junk yard cheat you out of the money you deserve. Sell any used car for quick n’ easy cash today.

By waiting you’re losing what could potentially be hundreds or thousands of dollars in free cash. We pride ourselves at CarGambit with honest quotes and on-the-spot payment with free junk car removal. Stop worrying if we’ll buy your car or not. We have bought all sorts of makes and models in every condition over the years.

24-Hour Junk Car Buyers Near Me

We buy all junk cars for cash. Ignore any buyers offering you their spare change for your vehicle. Your car has real value for us! Our decades of experience allows us to give you the cash you deserve for your junk car.

Stop wasting time scheduling viewings, paying ads, or pouring out your hard-earned money for repairs. Simple cash in hand for junk cars. We’ll buy junk cars running or not for full cash. Make your life easier and fill out a quick form to get cash for your junk vehicle today!

We pay great, we’re transparent, and we relieve your stress. There isn’t a more convenient system anywhere. We buy junk cars for cash so you can stop searching around aimlessly. Get rid of your problem and sell junk car now. For starters, call 773-791-4363 for a free quote, or fill out our form for a no-obligation offer. We look forward to making your life easier when selling a junk car.

1-2-3 Money – Easy Junk Car Selling Steps

  1. In under a minute you can get a free estimate. We look at a car’s real merit and will offer all vehicles a transparent value. No obligations. We will buy any car in any condition and there’s nothing to lose. Why not check it out. All you do is answer a few questions and we’ll get you going with a great offer.
  2. After you’ve accepted our offer, we’ll schedule an optimal date for our junk car removal specialists to do a quick at-home inspection and make sure everything looks good.
  3. After the quick run-down, we’ll pay you cash for your junk car! No hidden fees or call-back annoyances. Just simple cash in your hands on the same day. It’s a 100% guarantee.

We Buy The Nicest Junk Cars For Top Dollar Near You (Guaranteed Offer)

It’s time to stop wasting time with fraud or low-ball offers. Get an honest quote from Cash Cars Buyer and sell your junk vehicle within 48 hours. We know you have a busy life, so all we want to do is give you a fast and rewarding CASH offer that’s sure to beat most others. That is where Car Gambit comes in. Many times we beat dealership offers and give you the most cash possible! We’re honest and reliable junk car buyers.

Fill out a 60-second form, receive an instant estimate, and GET PAID in cash today. This is STRESS-FREE CASH you shouldn’t leave on the table. We’ll get you the money you deserve for your junk car since we know value when we see it. Sell your junk car with Car Gambit.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Satisfaction

At Cash Cars Buyer, your happiness is our number one priority. We’re making selling a car a pleasant experience so you can have the peace of mind you deserve. We’re proud to ease this experience. We’ll buy any make and model in ALL CONDITIONS for real cash.

After accepting our offer, a junk car removal expert will schedule a convenient date for your free junk car removal so that you can get paid on the spot. Stop waiting around. Call Cash Cars Buyer to get an instant offer. We genuinely care about customer experience and value your interests. Selling a junk car, truck, or SUV can’t be easier.

If you’ve been looking for an honest and fair selling process for your junk car, Cash Cars Buyer is the right place. After years of experience and loads of happy customers, we’re dedicated to making the junk car selling experience more convenient than ever before. Call us now at 773-791-4363 and get a free quote from our friendly representatives today.